So this blog is dedcated to my all time ship Bamon and Stelena. Its postive blog. There will only be reblogging postive stuff .And also with belena and defan stuff. delena and steffonnie friendship

Gif meme

↳ Defan + looking down.

Ichabbiecrane gifs: [2/?] It’s all Bamon
↳ Sassy!Bamon

Silas!Alaric threatens Damon


"Don’t just sit there and pretend you don’t want it, judgy."

"You’re sick, Damon."

"No." He waggled his brow at her. "I’m right."

Damon Salvatore Alphabet meme:


But every time I see this I can’t help but think of an AU Bamon fanfiction where Bonnie and Damon live in two different dimensions and they can feel the other’s presence through the veil between worlds because it’s the thinnest at that exact point. They keep looking for the other and yet can’t find each other. All the while they don’t realize they are right next to each other, so close they could touch each other but they are also worlds away.


Bamon Withdrawal Syndrome


Bamon Withdrawal Syndrome